Privacy Policy

1. About this privacy policy

1. In this policy:
1.1.1. “we” “us” and “our” means Adrian Lamacchia and Karlie Zec (ABN 11 425 221 811) trading as Bins 4 U; and
1.1.2. “our services” means our website
(“Bins4U”) and any related Bins4U service or tool, including our bin booking service.
2. We carry on the business of providing our services. We collect personal information in order to carry on our business. We are committed to handling your personal information in accordance with all applicable laws.
3. This policy applies to the collection, storage and use of personal information collected as a result of you accessing Bins4U or otherwise using our services.
4. By accessing Bins4U or otherwise using our services, you agree to this policy. This policy applies on each occasion that you access Bins4U or otherwise use our services.

2. What personal information do we hold and collect?

2.1. We collect personal information as part of our business. We only collect information from you.
2.2. The information we collect may include:
2.2.1. your contact details and account details (such as name, password/login, address, postcode, e-mail address, delivery addresses and telephone numbers);
2.2.2. any other information that we request you to provide to verify your identity;
2.2.3. credit card information;
2.2.4. bank account details;
2.2.5. information about or based on your use of our services, such as information about your buying/selling activities and the content you provide;
2.2.6. any information that you are required to provide to us by law or by agreement; and
2.2.7. any other information that you may voluntarily provide to us.
2.3. If it is practical and lawful, we may allow you to give us information anonymously.
2.4. Please note that our server automatically collects additional information about your use of our services. This information may include your device ID, device type, geo-location information, computer and browser information, information about your access to Bins4U and linked pages (e.g. statistics on page views), and your IP address.

3. How do we collect personal information?

3.1. When you use our services, we collect personal information transmitted by your computer or other access device. This may include:
3.1.1. Upon registration: As part of becoming a registered user, we may collect personal information about you in order for you to use our services. This may include:
• your contact details and account details (such as name, password/login, address, e-mail address and telephone numbers); and
• your election on receiving updates and promotional material.
Such information may also be collected from you when you update your account details.
3.1.2. When you make a booking request: When you make a booking request (whether or not you are a registered user) we may collect personal information about you. This may include your name, address, e-mail address, telephone numbers and credit card details (including name, number, type, expiry date, CCV identifier). We may also collect information about the item you have booked, such as its description, delivery details and the terms of the sale.
3.1.3. When you make available items for booking: When you list an item, we may collect personal information about you. This may include your name, address, Australian Business Number, Australian Company Number, company details, e-mail address and telephone numbers. We also collect information about the item, including its location.
3.1.4. Navigational data: Our server automatically collects additional information about your use of our services. This information may include your device ID, device type, geolocation information, internet browser type, information about your access to Bins4U and linked pages (e.g. statistics on page views), and your IP address.
3.1.5. The use of cookies: Cookies are small data files used as identifiers that are transferred to your computer hard drive through your internet browser to enable our systems to recognise your browser. Cookies may be used to customise our services, content and marketing. They may also be used for other purposes such as measuring the effectiveness of our marketing and promotional activities. You have the ability to accept or decline cookies by modifying your internet browser. However, if you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to use all or some of our services.

4. How do we hold personal information? Is it secure?

4.1. Your personal information may be stored in hard copy documents, as electronic data or in our software or systems.
4.2. We are committed to protecting your personal information from unauthorised use, disclosure, alteration or destruction. While we use security procedures such as access control and firewalls, we cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted via the internet. We will not be liable for any breach of security during the transmission of personal information via the internet, including any unintended loss, misuse or disclosure.
4.3. If we no longer require your personal information, we will destroy or permanently de-identify it by:
4.3.1. deleting it from databases;
4.3.2. shredding hard copies; and/or
4.3.3. removing all identifiable features.

5. How do we use personal information?

5.1. The primary purposes for which we collect and use your personal information include:
5.1.1. to provide our services to you;
5.1.2. to provide you with safe and customised services;
5.1.3. to make improvements to the content of our services;
5.1.4. to notify registered users of updates, such as changes to our fees, our services or our Terms of Use;
5.1.5. to collect payments and enforce our Terms of Use;
5.1.6. to undertake surveys;
5.1.7. for our internal administrative, marketing, planning, product/service development and research requirements;
5.1.8. to send you information about our services, events and promotional activities.
5.2. We may share your personal information with the parties specified below:
5.2.1. to ensure appropriate service and the provision of further services to you; or
5.2.2. as otherwise required by us.

6. When do we disclose your personal information?

6.1. Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties, except:
6.1.1. to any third parties we engage to provide you with services on our behalf;
6.1.2. to any third parties we engage to assist us in collecting payments or enforcing our Terms of Use;
6.1.3. within our company and to our related entities (as that term is defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) or to anyone that we sell or transfer all or any part of our business (including our services);
6.1.4. where we reasonably believe it is necessary to prevent or
reduce a possible threat to a person's life, health or safety,
or public health or safety;
6.1.5. if we are required or allowed to do so by law or by a regulatory authority; or
6.1.6. with your consent.

7. What happens if you don't provide personal information?

7.1. If you do not provide the personal information that we request we may not be able to provide all or some of our services to you.

8. Do we use your personal information for marketing?

8.1. We may send you details of products, services or promotions unless you have indicated that you do not wish to receive such material.
8.2. You may opt out of receiving any marketing material by writing to us, sending us an e-mail or telephoning us during business hours. You can contact us on the contact details at the end of this policy.
8.3. We do not sell your personal information to any other person or entity for marketing purposes.

9. Is your information accurate and can you access it?

9.1. You may request access to the personal information that we hold about you. You do not need to provide us with a reason for accessing your personal information. However, you will need to provide us with sufficient proof of identity.
9.2. If you believe that the information we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete, you can contact us and we will take reasonable steps to ensure that it is updated. Our contact details are at the end of this policy.
9.3. We may refuse access to personal information for certain reasons including when:
9.3.1. permitting access would pose a serious threat to the life or health of any person;
9.3.2. it would unreasonably affect the privacy of others;
9.3.3. the request is frivolous or vexatious;
9.3.4. providing access would be unlawful or we are permitted to refuse access by law; or
9.3.5. providing access would reveal information generated by us to use in making a commercially sensitive decision.

10. What if you make a complaint?

10.1. If you have any reason to think that your privacy has been breached in any way, you should contact us immediately in writing.
10.2. When a complaint is made the following procedure must be followed:
10.2.1. you must make your complaint in writing to the contact details at the end of this policy;
10.2.2. we will send you a complaint form to fill in and send back to us. We will then acknowledge receipt;
10.2.3. your complaint will be investigated and a report will be sent to you by us;
10.2.4. if your complaint relates to incorrect personal information, your records will be amended and acknowledgement of the correction will be sent to you; and
10.2.5. if you are not satisfied with our investigations, you may have the right to complain to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

11. General information

11.1. This policy was issued in April 2017 and will remain current until a new policy is put in place. We may replace this policy with a new policy at any time by posting the amended policy on Bins4U.
11.2. Although we intend to observe this policy at all times, it may be necessary for us to act outside this policy. We may act outside of this policy subject to any contractual rights you have and any rights you have under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

12. Contact details

12.1. If you have any issues concerning this policy or would like any further information, please contact us on the following contact details:
Karlie Zec
PO Box 122, Figtree NSW 2525
Tel: 0426 241 951
12.2. For any further enquires please contact us by email at and one of our staff will answer your queries as soon as possible.