Do I Need a Permit for my Skip Bin Hire?

5 March 2019

Do I Need a Permit for my Skip Bin Hire?

When asking yourself if you require a permit to hire a skip bin for your waste management needs there are a few important things to reflect on.

It is imperative to consider where the skip bin will be placed as to whether a permit is required. If the skip bin will be placed in a privately owned residential area then you will generally not require a permit for your waste bin.

However, if you need to place the skip bin on public property such as the council strip, kerb side or road, then you will need to contact council in regards to obtaining a permit.

The nature strip is the land that sits between the boundary of your private property and the kerbside or street. These can, on many occasions also include the footpath. Always remember that the section of your driveway located on the council strip is also classed as public property, therefore you may need to hold a permit to have the skip bin located here.

Failure to obtain the correct permission before organising the delivery of your skip bin can result in a fine, payable by the customer who organised the hire of the skip bin or owner of the property.

Contact your local council and find out before you book your next skip bin. It is much better to be safe than to be sorry!