Picking the perfect size skip bin

21 February 2019

Picking the perfect size skip bin

Picking the perfect size skip bin doesn't need to be a headache! All you need is to ask yourself 3 simple questions:

1. What type of waste is going in the skip bin?

Our Australia wide suppliers offer all types of bins for all types of waste.

The main waste and rubbish groups include:

General Waste (household rubbish)
Green Waste (Strictly garden, no soil, rubbish or food waste)
Masonary (clean bricks and tiles only)
Mixed Waste (all things building waste)
General Slid Waste (GSW – Soil/Clay/Sand)

2. Where are you placing the skip bin?

Where you place the skip bin will depend on the layout of your property, the size of the skip bin and what type of waste is going to be placed in the skip bin. Keep in mind that this needs to be in an easily accessible area for our suppliers skip bin truck. It is also important to have the skip bin as close as possible to your project as you will need to cart the rubbish from A to B. Placement of the skip bin will also allow our local supplier to collect the bin once full even if you aren’t home! How convenient is that!

3. What is the size of the project at hand?

The size of the skip bin and quote will depend on the size and location of the project! Not sure what size skip bin to order? Simply measure your pile of rubbish and enter the measurements into our website for an accurate skip bin quote. We have your rubbish covered! Need the skip bin for longer than expected? No problem! Give us a call and we can negotiate with your local skip bin supplier. Let us to your dirty work for you!