Skip Bin vs Skip Bag

8 May 2019

Skip Bin vs Skip Bag

Skip bins are the most convenient waste management process for your construction site. Skip bins are available Australia wide ranging from 2m3 to 23m3. In recent years another type of waste management has been noticed around construction sites across Australia – Skip Bags. Despite being a convenient and new option for some jobs, skip bags have many underlying concerns that you do not have when hiring a skip bin.

When hiring a skip bin, you will often be asked many questions, this includes what size skip bin you are needing. Bins4u suppliers stock a wide range of sizes starting from as little as 2m3 to a massive 23m3 skip bin, mostly used for larger scale waste management. Skip bags do not come in a varied size and will often only range up to 1-2m3. This also means that skip bags are not suitable for larger scale projects such as general household clean-ups, throwing away furniture and house renovations like skip bins are. It is very common for a skip bag to have a weight limit on it, also restricting the amount of heavy materials you can place in the skip bag.

Skip bins are made of steel, which is strong and designed to sustain a heavy load. This means that you can place almost anything into the bin without the bin being damaged. This also means that skip bins are easy to load onto the back of the skip truck. Skip bags are often made of woven materials which can present problems if handled/loaded incorrectly.

Like any material, skip bags may be susceptible to tearing. This means that our customers need to be careful about what objects they dispose of, significantly reducing the value of a skip bag when it comes your home project. Skip bags are also not solid like a skip bin. When first loading the skip bag, you will be required to reinforce the skip bag by having someone or something hold the skip bag open as you begin to load it.

If the bottom of your skip bag has been damaged during your project then the bag may rip open when trying to load is onto the truck, leaving you with a bigger mess then when you started! If the skip bag has been filled in a spot where the truck is unable to access, you will need to attempt to move the skip bag to a more convenient spot.

These are just some of the reasons as to why we recommend hiring a skip bin rather than a skip bag. Although we do offer both skip bags and skip bins, for any job over 1 tonne of waste we highly recommend hiring a skip bin over a skip bag. Bins4u can deliver a bin to you for all your rubbish needs!